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Solid Aluminum Panel

Light and good strength,Good abrasion resistance,Good corrosivity resistance,Rich colors,Decorative,Convenient and swift installation,Retractable
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Solid Aluminum  Panel is a kind of deep processing aluminum product among existing aluminum building materials.

Product features

  • Light and good strength
  • Good abrasion resistance and good corrosivity resistance
  • Easy to process and free to process various complex geometry
  • Rich color, good decorative effects
  • Difficult to be stained and easy to clean and maintain
  • Convenient and swift installation
  • Retractable, environmental friendly

Product Specification:

Product Thickness (mm) 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm or other dimensions required by customers
Product Width (mm) Up to 2000mm
Product Length (mm) Up to 6000mm
Product Color Customized according to color cards or required by customers

Material and Structure of Solid Aluminum Panel

The base plate of Yaret Solid Aluminum Panel is made of high quality and high strength aluminum alloy sheets. Solid Aluminum Panel consists mainly of panels, stiffeners and corner connectors and a few other parts. Aluminum panels can be made into arc shapes and special shapes and the surface can be coated into different colors to form various beautiful patterns. It may collaborate with glass curtain walls and other structures to form different appearances or shapes to make the rich and colorful processing types, installations and structures of curtain walls.

Applicable Range

Solid Aluminum Panel applies to decorations of various internal/external walls, hall front, ornamental column, overhead corridor, pedestrian bridge, lift edging, balcony packaging, bill/indicator board, indoor special shaped ceiling and others of buildings.
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