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Honeycomb,Heat preservation and,insulation,Fireproof,Shakeproof,Rich colors
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Aluminum honeycomb panel is honeycomb sandwich panel that uses high strength alloy aluminum sheets with very excellent weather resistance thanks to the PVDF spray coating on the face plate and aluminum honeycomb core in the middle. It is made through compounding at high temperature and high pressure.
While the air between the top layer and the bottom layer is separated into cellular closed holes by the honeycomb core, the propagation of both heat and sound wave is restricted.
The product is fireproof and shake-proof and has done well with heat preservation and heat insulation. These panels have flat appearances and colors. It is elegant, smooth, durable, decorative, convenient and easy for installation, and very suitable for metal curtain wall projects with ultra-large separation. It can be used as aeronautical and astronautic material, and has been gradually applied to civil fields, e.g. construction, vehicles and bill boards.

Product Specification:

Aluminum Thickness (mm) 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm or other dimensions required by customers
Product Width (mm) Up to 1500mm
Product Length (mm) Up to 6000mm
Product Color Customized according to color cards or required by customers

Features Of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Fully made in factory, convenient for firm installation and very suitable for flat sheet piece. With good rigidity, honeycomb panel has very flat surface and good heat insulation and heat preservation performance. Sound insulation honeycomb panel and perforated honeycomb panel have excellent sound absorption performance.

Surface Treatment Performance Of Honeycomb Panel (table 1)

Serial No Test Item Test Result
1 Paint film specifications Refer to AAMA2605, JG/T-133-2000 requirement
2 Dry film thickness 25um as aminimium for two sparays, 32 um 25um as aminimium for three sparays
3 Color consistency ASTMD2244 Allowable range in single light source
4 60°C luster ASTMD523 Prescriptive ±5
5 Hardness: pencil Grade HB as a minimum
6 Adhesion: cross scribing method(1/16 wet film, dry film, boiling water) No paint film stripping off
7 Direct impacting No paint film stripping off
8 Wearability ASTMD968 Wearing coefficient no less than 40
9 Acid resistance 10% hydrochloric drop test No corrosion within 24 hours
10 Salt spray resistance ASTMB-117 4000 hours, within 1/16
11 Detergent resistance ASTMD2248 No corrosion within 72 hours

Surface Treatment Performance Of Honeycomb Panel (table 2)

Serial No. Items Unit £=10mm
1 Weight Kg/m2 7
2 Thermal expansion coefficient /°C 23×10-6
3 Thermal conductivity W/M°C 1.7
4 Fire behaviour Non-combustible
5 Compress strength Mpa 1.02
6 Surface compress elastic modulus Mpa 98.2
7 Surface compress elastic modulus Mpa 1.48
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