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Plant & Equipment

1. Coating Line

We have imported 5 advanced high-tech coating lines with a total equipment length of 130 m,capable of double coating and double baking simultaneously and uninterrupted operation during coil changing. The thickness and width available: 0.10-1.2 mm/1000-1600mm.The coating equipment uses the combined application of tension and the speed automatic control system to ensure the stability of thickness and the quality of painting. This coating line is a cutting edge technology in China.
Technological process of coating:

2. ACP (ACM) Laminating Line
We have 13 world-class Laminating Lines of aluminum composite panels with a total annual output of 18 million m2. Maximum width:2m
The laminating line uses multiple advanced technologies including a touch screen intelligent control system and a completely automatic de-dusting system. It can perform high precision, good quality, environment-friendly clinker removal compound production.
Technological process of Laminating Line:

3. Solid Aluminum Panel Equipment
Our Solid aluminum panel equipment adopts a complete set of international advanced technologies which includes full automatic PVDF spray coating equipment from Japan Ransburg and advanced sheet metal bending equipment from Canada Aike. It reaches an annual output of 1000,000 m2.